“How about… all-girl Fight Club?”


As I began to write this blog that line is repeating in my head. I loved that movie for two reasons: First, Kristin Wiig’s character is a baker (hello), and second, all the women are in it together even though they clearly have their own agendas. That vibe has consistently been my experience with the two entrepreneur groups I’m loving. Both are chock full of some clever, dynamic women with serious goals in mind.

The first is Smarty – founded by the laser-focused Amy Swift. I’ve been a member since the beginning and some of the women I have come to know are great friends. This was my first experience indulging in a sisterhood that (mercifully) skipped the touchy-feely stereotypical chick thing and went straight to making it happen. The monthly events are relentlessly geared to every detail of what it means to run a business and the communication between members never fails to support. The idea that “if I give to you there’s less for me” doesn’t exist here.

Savor the Success is my newest foray into the world of entrepreneurs. Sarah Shaw (who I originally met through Smarty founder Amy Swift) is my favorite go-to, all-around Wisdom Tooth – and she turned me on to Savor. Sarah knows what works to make your business a success. She has been an endless font of information for me (not to mention hundreds of other women) – so when she told me about Savor I was in. And my first new assignment via Sarah – start blogging every week.

So here I am!

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  1. Sarah Shaw says:

    glad you are lovin’ Savor Amy!

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