Would you like fries with that?

I wrote this in April, promptly got a craving for donuts, and then my fingers were too sticky to hit publish:

I am doing my taxes. It’s a teensy bit frustrating as I make silent promises to myself about all the organizational widgets I will learn to incorporate into my world, as soon as I get this year’s numbers in order. As is my way with my taxes: I fret, I figure it out, and then I make nice neat piles. When I’m done, I put everything in a labeled envelope and walk away as if we’d never met. This year there’s been a small yet pivotal difference – I have needed to call a number of (we’ll call them) credit card companies to find out why certain things had transpired. We all have our frustrations with the credit card world but this piece is not about that. This is about the “people” – and I use the term loosely – at the other end of the phone. And how a tiny bit of humanity can go a long, long way.

Without dragging you through the details, suffice it to say, of all the companies I had to call only one – ONE – offered a human being who could listen while simultaneously thinking independently. Guess what? I am now a devoted fan – they win.

Our goal here at the studio speaks to that same place – we listen. It’s crazy and avant garde of us, but it works. Our clients can tell we care about them and meeting their needs. And really, all anyone wants is to feel heard. Am I right?

Thank you for nodding.

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